High quality 30 minutes escape fire mask firefighting respir

This kind of Fire Smoke Escape gas mask or is an essential personal escape mask if a life emergency happens in hotels,office,buildings,department stores,bands,posts and telecommunications,power industries,public entertainment pl...
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Applications and feature
1.The hood is made from flame-retardant, heat-insulated material and can withstand high temperature of approx.800°C in a short time. The hood is provided with a large faceplate. The wearer can see clearly route during escaping.
One universal size is available. All head shapes are accommodated by it. the hood can be reliably fastened by tightening head strap.
2. The half mask is made from rubber and has special shape and size. It also has a sealing frame which fits to all facial shapes. This filter self-rescuer for monoxide has the following merits: low leakage coefficient and breathing resistance and comfort.
3. The canister is sealed until put into use. This filter self-rescuer for monoxide can afford good protection against toxic smoke and toxic gases resulting from fire, such as ammonia, hydrogen chloride, hydrocyanic acid, oxides of nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Above all however, it provides reliable protection against carbon monoxide and suspended particles in the fumes.

Main performance of the canister
Carbon monoxide life  ≥30min
Hydrocyanic acid life  ≥30min
Smoke filtering efficiency  99.99%
Fire resistant and flame retardant and used to protect against CO and toxic smoke;
Service life, CO and HCN:> 30min; 
Penetration: ≤0.01% ;
Leakage coefficient: ≤5%;
Inhalation resistance, dapa ≤80 (at 85L/min);
Total field of vision: ≥80%
Binocular field of vision: ≥60% 
Total weight: 800g
1. When fire occurs, the ire escape hood should be worn immediately for escaping.
2. When atmosphere contains more than 17% oxygen and less than 1.5% carbon monoxide in fire, this fire escape hood can offer effective protection.
When atmosphere contains high concentration of carbon monoxide, the wearer can feel discomfort from dry hot air. In this case, the fire escape hood should never be removed.
3. Shelf life is five years from the date of manufacture. The filter self-rescuer for monoxide should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool place.
4. The filter self-rescuer for monoxide is intended for one-off use. It must be discarded after removing the sealing plugs and use, it is not suitable for working protection of life, the fire escape hood can be extended by replacing the canister.