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Live demonstration of fireball

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The staff demonstrated the fire extinguishing ball at the simulated fire scene.

Electric bicycle fire, group rental fire prevention, it is easy to cause casualties. Yesterday, in response to this fire prevention and control problem,In voltaire's simulated fire lab on a fire-fighting ball held a live meeting, the scene simulated a variety of common family fire scene, so as to detect the effect of fireball extinguishing.

Yesterday afternoon, in an abandoned private house inIn voltaire's simulated fire lab staff set up four common fire scenes, namely, wire short circuit ignition curtain, electric meter box fire, electric bicycle fire and housing fire. The first three scenes have seen a fireball extinguishing, or hanging from the side of the curtain, or placed on the electric bike's storage box, pedals.

As the staff connected to the power, the plug-in first smouldered and ignited the side curtains. Flames spread up the curtain, spread, just touched the fire ball, suddenly "bang ", the fire ball" fried ", immediately dry powder splashed, the fire on the curtain was extinguished in an instant. Likewise, when the meter box is short-circuited, the fire extinguishes before it can spread. Electric bicycle storage boxes, pedals and fire-extinguishing balls hanging above also function as different parts of the bike catch fire, extinguishing the fire.

In the most "exciting" housing fire simulation scene, the room is filled with sofas, wooden cabinets and carpets and other combustibles, in the operation of the staff, the housing scattered small fire into a fire. At this point, the staff threw a fire-extinguishing ball into the fire, the fire was suddenly "blown" half, and then threw another, the fire all out.

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