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Advantages and disadvantages of dry powder fire extinguisher

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1, according to the type of fire can be divided into abc dry powder fire extinguisher and bc dry powder fire extinguisher, a is a solid fire extinguisher, b is a liquid fire extinguisher, c is a gas fire extinguisher, abc dry powder fire extinguisher can use the above three types of fire, bc can only be used for liquid fire And gas fires.
2, according to the mobile mode is divided into portable and cart type, portable and convenient to use, light weight, cart-type capacity is relatively large and heavy.
3, according to the filling of dry powder can be divided into dry powder fire extinguishers and ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers.
Because dry powder fire extinguishers are inexpensive, they are the largest fire extinguishers of all fire extinguishers, which is their greatest advantage. Let's talk about its shortcomings.
The dry powder fire extinguishing agent filled in the dry powder fire extinguisher is mainly composed of a powder having a fire extinguishing ability, and the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed out of the nozzle by using carbon dioxide or nitrogen as a power. Since the fire extinguishing agent has a low ignition point, it is easily volatilized in the event of a fire. Therefore, the fire extinguishing effect is general. If the fire extinguisher does not continuously inject into the fire point, the fire point is easily re-ignited. Even if the fire is extinguished, when the burnt equipment and equipment are cleaned, the residual powder is large, so cleaning is very difficult and the loss is inevitable!
Having said that, it seems that the dry powder fire extinguisher is completely useless. In fact, every type of fire extinguisher is the best choice. The key is whether the choice is correct. If used in domestic or private vehicles and without dry powder fire extinguishers, it can be used exclusively for particularly important instruments and documents. For places with high requirements such as libraries, shopping malls, office buildings, etc., water-based fire extinguishers can be selected. Of course, this is the topic we will discuss in the next article.
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