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How about the ignition of new energy vehicles? How to put ou

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How about the ignition of new energy vehicles? How to put out the fire.
In general, if a car ignites spontaneously within 10 minutes, it will be burnt beyond recognition, so the first three minutes of spontaneous combustion of the vehicle is especially important. FRT provides you with a three-step summary (must remember ~)
1. Turn off the power immediately and turn off the power immediately. Get off the train quickly;
2. Immediately check the fire situation and the location of the fire;
3. Open the hood with a wet towel and a wrench (do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns) and use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire;
Someone might say that this is a mention, two pulls, three attractive, four presses? Is this still what you teach? I really don't need to teach, as long as you master the details of these basic uses, you can save your car in three minutes. However, if you are driving an electric car, it will catch fire. what should you do?
The answer is: water
With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles has also occurred. After the American electric car caught fire, firefighters rushed to the scene to use fire-fighting equipment to put out the fire. However, they can only watch it. combustion……
After that, the firefighters learned about the type and capacity of the power battery, the maximum voltage of the vehicle and the direction of the high-voltage line, and formulated the “New Energy Vehicle Fire Regulations”. Xiaobian commented, or compared to traditional fuel cars. Significantly different; for example:
In the event of a fire, rescuers are prohibited from using blind tools to blindly penetrate the protective cover, or to pierce, cut, split and disassemble any vehicle structure to prevent the high-voltage system from being isolated from the outside world and posing a dangerous shock. Therefore, if the electric vehicle meets the power-off condition at the site, it must be powered off immediately.
Fire extinguishing distance
If there is no one in the car in the fire, the firefighter must pull the flame out of the flame at least 10-15 meters from the flame.
We all know that electric fires can't be extinguished with water, but electric cars don't use water to ignite. Instead, they need to use more water! Especially when the power battery is bent, twisted or damaged in a fire, a large amount of water must be used to dilute the poison gas.
However, FRT also tells you that the fire probability of an electric car is actually not higher than the fire probability of a fuel car. On the contrary, electric cars will be safer. Because the power battery has done a lot of fire prevention measures...