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Will the fire ball hurt people?

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Fire equipment fire ball, weight only 1.2 kg or more. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, fire balls (fire equipment) can be placed in a place that is easy to catch fire, such as power switches, gas cylinders, gas stoves, shops, hotels, gas stations or cars. As long as the flames jump out, the ball's automatic induction design can start the fire at the beginning of the fire. When a fire occurs, fire balls (fire equipment) are thrown into the fire or rolled into the fire. Within 3 to 5 seconds, the fireball will automatically trigger the nanometer powder to extinguish the fire of 6 square meters. The loud noise from the explosion can also warn people nearby. So when there is a fire, try to stay away from the ball.
The fireball has passed the inspection of the fixed fire extinguishing system and the quality supervision and inspection center of the refractory material. The internal component is nanometer dry powder, which is an environmentally friendly and harmless material, and can be stored for 5 years.